ACC’s DC: The Salt Line

The Salt Line – 79 Potomac Avenue SE

Hands down this is my new favorite place to go in DC.  It checks every single one of my boxes – on the water, check; nautical theme, check; great cocktails, check; friendly and relaxed service, check; delicious food, check; primo dog watching, check!  Since this place opened I have tried to make myself a regular – you can go even on the hottest days as I swear the breeze at their outdoor bar is like no other.  So here is the scoop – it is a seafood restaurant/outdoor bar right at the foot of Nats park (you can see it peaking out behind the bar).


When they first opened they didn’t have a website (!!!!) one of my biggest pet peeves but now it’s up so you can check out their menu.  Admittedly it’s a small menu but they do it right with New England style dishes and fresh seafood.  When you get there you can order oysters from cute little order cards on the table (with personalized pencils in replica oyster cans – this place thinks of everything).


I love that they give you the size and salinity level of each oyster – I enjoyed the Moonstone and Nauti Pilgrim.  Also fun are their oyster shooters that include thoughtful toppings that match the liquor you shoot them with.  I have not tried their $90 seafood tower but man it looks impressive!


Their lobster roll is everything this Boston girl dreams of (probably because the owner is from MA) with a griddled split top roll, lightly dressed lobster and incredible fries.  If you aren’t into seafood there are several good options like a 1/2 chicken and a burger.  The day time menu is smaller with more creative entrees on the dinner menu like rockfish with ramps.


This is also a great place to stop just for a drink (make sure to check the Nationals schedule as it can get crowded before and after games).  They have several cocktails on tap, like a twist on a Cape Codder, and they have Del’s Frozen Shandys, the perfect anecdote to summer in DC.


Lots of great New England and local beers on tap including my favorite local, RAR from Cambridge, MD.  All of the bartenders and servers just seem happy to be there and are helpful without being pushy.  The inside as just as great as the outside, though I will wait until the outside closes to actually sit there!

A comfortable bar and a good amount of tables means that this can be a year round day at the beach – they even had their own wall paper made for the bathrooms!  From the adorable details to the care they take with their menus, it’s no wonder Salt Line is already getting to be a popular spot.  And I mean really, food and drink aside, the dog stalking is on point – look at this little guy!


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