About me

I grew up in Boston, moved down to the D.C. area for college, got bit by the political bug and have spent the last ten years in public service.  However, part of me has always wished I could open my own catering company or specialty food store.  Entertaining is in my blood –  my mom kept our home filled, often to the brim, with friends and family.  Now that I own my own home on Capitol Hill with my husband Patrick, and our two kitties Rozzie and Westie, I take every opportunity to entertain and use our amazing kitchen.  I pour over magazines, blogs, cookbooks, and Pinterest looking for new ideas and recipes.  I am also lucky enough to eat at some of the best restaurants in the country right here in D.C. and travel to some amazing places to experience a range of cuisines and styles.  I hope this blog will help inspire others to cook and host more.  At the very least it will make a terrific excuse for me to have more parties!


A little more about me –

Loves:  cheese, anything nautical, grapefruits, bread, pasta…pretty much all carbs

Hates: cucumbers, running out of wine, melon, political fundraiser food

Always in the fridge:  jalapeños, a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, a zillion yogurts, soda stream

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